Kate Winslet Bra Size

So i found this website that is completely dedicated to showcasing celebrity bra sizes. They had Kate Winslet listed at 34C. Does that sound accurate to you?

She looked like a C cup in Titanic...

Kate Winslet Shoe Size

What I'm about to reveal to you may take you by surprise or even may startle the meek. Kate Winslet has big feet!

That's right people, i just discovered that Kate Winslet's shoe size is 11...

I had no idea this was the case, did you?

Kate Winslet Net Worth

And now we present to you a little insight into the personal life of Kate Winslet.

Have you ever wondered how much money Kate Winslet is worth? I have!

Kate Winslet estimated money net worth is $35 million.

Kate Winslet Look A Likes

Well i stumbled across this celebrity look a like website and found a couple of Kate Winslet look a likes. Perhaps not the best look a likes of Kate Winslet, however they clear resemble her in ways.

How do you think these Kate Winslet look a likes compare to the real thing?

Kate Winslet Height

Did you know that Kate Winslet is merely 5 feet 6 inches tall?

I personally always thought she was around 5 feet 9, but IMDB has her listed at 5 feet 6 inches.

I find it quite interesting to discover the actual heights of famous celebrities.

Kate Winslet Nice White Teeth

Not only is Kate Winslet a sensational Hollywood actress and stunning beauty, she also has impeccable shiny white teeth.

Perhaps with the help of some crest whitening strips, but who's counting, right?

Simply an amazing woman!

Kate Winslet Hairstyles

Kate Winslet really has a true knack for fashion and hairstyles, she can wear her hair down or up in a bun and always remains looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

Enjoy these sizzling styles below.